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Best Abrasives was formed out of necessity, after founder Christian, who as a furniture & boat maker by trade, was experiencing lung issues, exasperated by the nature of his work.

Rather than give up on the trade that he loves, Christian set out to find a solution, and through his research came across the Mirka dust extractors and sanding solutions. After trialing Mirka against other leading brands, it was clear to Christian that Mirka would allow him to continue the work in the field he loves, in a safer environment.

The combination of using Mirka net abrasives (Abranet), Mirka sander and a Mirka dust extractor together, provide all the elements necassary to create a dust free work environment.

Dust free with Mirka
The Safer Sanding Solution

Why Dust Matters

Today we are all learning more about the effects and damage that fine dust particles have on our health and wellbeing.

Daily and long-term exposure to dust is a significant occupational hazard. The amount of dust entering the lungs or harming skin can be strongly reduced by using an advanced and efficient dust extraction system during sanding, which also lessens the risk of a work related disease or a dangerous exposure.

The dust-free net sanding developed by Mirka is an efficient way to minimize the amount of dust and dust related hazards in the workplace.

Silicosis dominates the news headlines, however dust particles from wood, metal, paints, varnishes, plastics, carbon fibre & glass are also extremely harmful to health.

Occupational exposure to dust

Exposure to dust poses many hazards to the health and safety of millions of workers. Dust in the workplace may also contaminate or reduce the quality of products and affect worksite productivity.

Workers repeatedly exposed to dust take it home on their work clothes, hair and skin to potentially reach their loved ones. But it’s all preventable. The best way to reduce the risk of dust exposure is to go directly to the source and eliminate it.

Examples of hazardous dust sources:

  • machining operations: sawing, routing and sanding
  • using compressed air to blow dust off surfaces
The Safer Sanding Solution


When measuring dust, size really does matter. Particles found in the air, such as dust:

10 Microns
Small enough to be inhaled
2.5 Microns
Small enough to reach deepest parts of lungs

Mirka Dust-free solutions are 97.97%

effective at removing particles smaller than 0.3μm in size

Healthy Employees = a Healthy Business

Healthy employees who work in a clean and ergonomic environment are more likely to do their job in an efficient way. Healthy employees require fewer days off, which saves companies money.

Recognizing environmental hazards and associated severe health risks is the first step in improving the working conditions, health, efficiency and work motivation of your employees.

Dust is one of the basic health and occupational hazard factors. Sanding surfaces, paint and filler material creates a lot of fine dust that is easily inhaled and can cause skin, eye and upper respiratory tract irritation. The smaller the particle, the more likely it will penetrate deeply into the lungs.

The Safer Sanding Solution

Change is in the air

Thankfully we are seeing many manufacturing & construction organisations now starting to take a hard look at their OH&S policy, especially around protecting their factory workers who are exposed to dust particles.

However it is not just the manufacturing & construction industries that needs to be focused on protecting their workers health and safety, as we see an uptake in the weekend warriors & DIY’ers spending more time renovating & restoring their own houses, they are coming into contact with all sorts of pollutants in the air while they are sanding back new and old materials for their projects.

The good news is that like Christian, you can continue to work safely in the trade you love or on the projects around your home thanks to the dust free sanding solutions manufactured by Mirka and imported by Best Abrasives. Reach out and have a chat to our staff to see how our solutions can make your sanding safer.

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