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Mirka Abranet/Abralon Glass Polishing Kit 77mm

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Combining several state-of-the-art Mirka abrasives, this kit gives the user complete control over any glass-polishing task. Scratches and marks are first removed with stearate-free SIC NS abrasive discs, and the surface is then refined with Abralon abrasives. Once an even finish is achieved with Abralon, the surface can be finished with Polarshine polishing compound.

This kit can be used on either tempered or non-tempered glass, and is appropriate for all commercial, architectural and marine applications. It is also suitable for most automotive glass repairs, though Mirka does not recommend this process for use on windscreens because of the risk of light refraction.

Best results are achieved with slow, methodical work and gradual progression through the abrasive grits.

This kit is contains 125mm (4 inch) disks diameters to suit either random orbital sanders or rotary machines, and carries enough abrasive to repair a square meter of glass. (Also available in 125mm Diameter - see KITGLASS125)

Glass Polishing Kit Contains

  • ABRANET SIC NS Grip P120
  • ABRANET SIC NS Grip P150
  • ABRANET SIC NS Grip P180
  • ABRANET SIC NS Grip P240
  • ABRANET SIC NS Grip P320
  • ABRANET SIC NS Grip P400
  • Polarshine E3 Glass Polishing Compound - 250ml
  • ABRALON Grip 180
  • ABRALON Grip 360
  • ABRALON Grip 500
  • ABRALON Grip 600
  • ABRALON Grip 1000
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