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Abranet SIC NS - 125mm/5" Discs

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Abranet SIC NS is a specialty abrasive that uses silicon carbide cutting grains formulated completely without the use of stearate. It has been developed especially for use with glass and is also perfectly suited for use with clear coats, primers, carbon fibre and other composites.

When working with potentially dangerous synthetic materials and glass dusts, extraction of abraded material is of the utmost importance to safeguard the health of the operator. Abranet SIC NS provides class leading dust extraction capabilities thanks to its polyamide mesh backing. We recommend its use with Mirka DEROS sanders and powerful extraction units such as the 1230L to maximise dust removal and provide a clean, safe working environment.

For best results, begin glass repair processes with Abranet SIC NS before moving through Abralon grits, and finishing with glass polishing compound. We carry polishing kits with all materials required to repair a square metre of glass.

Box of 50 Discs

Also compatible with Festool, Rupes, Metabo, Makita and Bosch sanders.