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Abranet Max is specifically designed for use with timber. This aluminium oxide abrasive is bonded to a symmetrical net that allows it to be used in either grain direction. Abranet Max is suited to applications requiring heavy material removal. Because drum sanders do not extract material through the abrasive, Abranet Max is optimised to prevent clogging, even when abrading very resinous woods. It also provides excellent cutting power even on very hard timbers. Because Abranet Max removes material efficiently from the site of the cut, it can be used with little downward force or pressure, leaving the user with a consistent finish. The inherent efficiency of the abrasive s net-based design allows machines equipped with Abranet Max to work timber with much lower temperatures at the point of contact, and it can even be used in applications that require water as a cooling agent. This built-in efficiency also gives Abranet Max products a greatly extended lifetime compared to conventional belts and drum-sander abrasives. Feedback from a Best Abrasives Customer: "I used my new Abranet Max today for the first time and I must say that I was extremely impressed. I was using it on a guitar fretboard in rosewood - an oily and difficult wood. The 240 grit cut beautifully, was quiet, dust-free, no clog - can't fault it in any respect. I had been a bit apprehensive that winding it around the drum might lead to issues as the material is quite thin but I found no difficulties at all. Still some experimentation to go re longevity but time will tell. Given the lack of clogging my suspicion is that it will last longer. In fact I'm so pleased I'd like to put in another order for a roll of 120 grit. All the best- David T."
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