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Abranet HD (Heavy Duty) Disks - 150mm/6"

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Abranet HD (Heavy Duty) hook and loop backed abrasive disks for 150mm random orbital sanders take our innovative abrasive system and make it tough enough for even the heaviest material removal tasks and wet sanding. Click here to view these HD discs in 125mm sizing.

Abranet HD is perfectly suited to stripping and removing paint, epoxies and finishes from boats, floors, walls, furniture or any other coating that has been applied over wood or metal.

The HD abrasive disk features an uprated nylon mesh backing material that makes it flexible, extremely durable, and suited to wet as well as dry sanding applications. It retains these high performance characteristics even in the most challenging conditions such as paint stripping and coarse bog and putty sanding.

Because Abranet HD's nylon backing is both flexible and incredibly strong, it can go beyond the realm of random orbital sanders. Users of Festool Rotex sanders, rotary polishers and other non-random and variable-speed rotary machines will find their tool transformed, as the combination of a rotary mode and Abranet HD's uncompromising durability make for a sanding tool capable of unprecedentedly aggressive work.

Abranet HD retains Abranet s dust extraction capabilities through the entirety of the abrasive s surface. It s strong a flexible nylon mesh also gives it extreme durability against edge wear.

Suitable Materials:
Non-ferrous metal
Paint stripping / removal
Glass fibre

Also compatible with Festool, Rupes, Metabo, Makita and Bosch sanders.