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Abranet Discs - 200mm

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Abranet abrasive disks are now available in 200mm diameter for large orbital sanders. Backed with hook and loop, they can be velcro-ed to to any 200mm sanding pad.

Abranet is an aluminium oxide abrasive bonded to a dense polyamide mesh. The result is an abrasive disk that doesn t require cut-outs for dust extraction particles are only ever 0.5mm from an extraction point and can be removed as soon as they are created.

Because waste particles are extracted near-instantaneously, the abrasive is able to make complete and even contact with the work surface. This allows Abranet to work quicker than other abrasives, avoiding gouges caused by trapped waste material. Since clogging and pilling are greatly reduced compared to non-mesh based abrasives, each Abranet disk has a greatly extended lifespan. Because Abranet can be used over and over, it is an economical alternative to burning through large quantities of inferior abrasive.

When paired with a Mirka DEROS and dust extractor, Abranet affords the user a virtually dust free sanding experience. However, since the entire surface of the disk facilitates dust extraction, Abranet can be used to augment the capabilities of any random orbital sander or sanding block that uses air inlets to extract dust.


The 200mm Abranet disk size we now offer is compatible with Wood Wizz sanding pads, as well as any other 200mm (8-inch) sanding pad-equipped machine.

Please select from P80, P120, P180, P240, P320 and P400 grits.