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Abranet Promise of Dust-free Perfection

Mirka’s Abranet range of abrasives has spent more than 18 years in development and is now available for all sander shapes in every possible application. Whether you choose aluminium oxide, silicon carbide or ceramic abrasives, Abranet’s mesh backing extracts waste material quickly and efficiently.

Whereas most abrasive utilise a solid backing that can trap or capture waste, Abranet uses a polyamide net that allows abraded material to pass through, and although traditional sanding discs might feature 9 or 13 holes for dust exrtraction, every perforation in Abranet is an extraction point. This means that, in the moment a dust particle is detached from the work surface by the abrasive, it is at most 0.5mm away from an extraction point.

Because material is extracted so efficiently, the abrasive is able to maintain a constant and even contact with the work surface, ensuring that it is working at its maximum efficiency.

Less mass in the sanding pad also means less clogging, less burning, and less dust during your finishing process. When used with Mirka DEROS or DEOS sanders and adequate dust extraction, Abranet is a dust-free abrasive that protects your valuable work, and your (even more valuable) health.

With a standard hook-and-loop backing, Abranet can be attached to any sander. This flagship abrasive is available to fit all sizes and shapes of sander, whether a random orbital, sheet sander, mouse sander or detail sander. Spanning all regular grit intervals from P40 to P4000, there is an Abranet abrasive for every stage of your sanding process from heavy material removal to final finishing and polishing.

Abranet lasts longer than its competitors, making it a highly economical choice for the workshop. It’s superior European manufacture from high quality raw materials, coupled with its extremely efficient design, mean that the superior abrasive particles capture less heat and less waste even during continuous sanding. Without a continuous build-up of waste or weakening through heat, Abranet abrasives will stay in use for longer.

The quick, economical removal of waste material throughout the sanding process also represents a great time saving in the workshop. Those who sand hard or often will find that using Mirka products, and Abranet in particular, represent a massive saving in time and therefore productivity.

Whether purchasing abrasives privately or as a business, the safety of all those who pass through the workshop or work site should be of paramount concern. All wood dust entering the respiratory tract is a potential risk of triggering allergic reactions, irritations or asthma attacks. Some synthetic products such as MDF or treated timbers employ known carcinogens which, when released into the air while sanding, represent grave dangers to the health of those close by.

Dust from even commonly worked woods such as pine and spruce has been documented to be the cause of irritation to the eyes and upper respiratory tract. Western Red Cedar, beloved of furniture makers and restorers, is known to cause asthma, chronic lowered lung function and irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract. Safety in the shop is a serious consideration when PPE is available - why not lower the respiratory risk as well?

To find out more please download the Abranet brochure.