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Backing Pad 125mm/5" for DEROS sanders

Backing Pad 125mm/5" for DEROS sanders
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This backing pad has been developed for Mirka DEROS 650 sanders only. It permits the user to attach a 125 mm (5”) pad to a 150 mm (6”) sander.

Attaching a 125mm pad gives the user optimum control when sanding any non-horizontal surface. Edges and undersides are no obstacle with a beautifully balanced DEROS and the small, light and versatile 125mm pad.

We now ofer the 125mm backing pad in two densities - the medium density we have always offered for all-round applications, and now a hard density that is especially good for running off and edge without rolling a corner and in applications where it is critical to maintain a flat surface such as furniture edges, box sides and profiles.

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