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Mirka CEROS 650CV 150mm ORBIT 5,0 AN

  • $812.00

The Mirka CEROS (Compact Electric Random Orbital Sander) range takes the advanced features of Mirka’s other orbital sanders and goes one step further by removing the transformer from the handset.

By converting AC current into DC current away from the unit, Mirka removes complex electronics from the sanding unit itself and files them out of harm’s way close to the 240v outlet. What is left in the hand is a very light, extremely powerful and AC-current free sanding unit.

Because the CEROS hand unit operates on low-wattage DC power, it is well suited to sanding in wet or damp environments where high-wattage AC currents would normally pose safety risks to the operator.

The CEROS hand units are available in three sizes. The 650CV 150mm unit’s large surface area makes big sanding tasks a breeze with excellent dust extraction, especially when combined with Abranet abrasives.

The slightly smaller 550CV 125mm unit is perfect for sanding window and door frames where a smaller pad is required to reach further into corners and crevices, and the smaller rotating mass makes the unit easier to balance for crisp, square corners. The 125mm pad also provides excellent dust extraction.

The 150NV 32mm unit come into its own in tight sanding jobs where control and precision is the operator’s primary consideration. Please note that, due to it's small size, the 32mm pad does not support dust extraction.

Any CEROS sander will work with the external CEROS inverter. Because a significant portion of the cost of the unit is carried in the inverter itself, the acquisition of the 150, 125 and 32mm hand units is possible at a lower cost than a range of similarly sized units with integral transformers. Enquire today about our offer on all three CEROS hand units with common inverter.

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