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Step one of the dust free system

20 years of dust free sanding

Mirka’s journey in dust-free sanding started over 20 years ago. Their revolutionary net abrasive, Mirka Abranet® was the start of a new dust-free philosophy that expanded to cover new abrasives and power tools, to make sanding better.

Before Abranet, sanding was unhealthy and messy. Mirka’s dust-free solution started a whole new sanding revolution

Abranet is highly resistant to dust pilling and clogging, which helps ensure optimal usage for every type of sanding work. When combined with Mirka's ergonomic and efficient power tools and dust extractors, you’re guaranteed a dust free surface, every time. The Abranet is multifunctional, developed for sanding fillers, primers, lacquers, composite materials and a wide range of other materials for industrial application use. 

When sanding, you can guarantee there will be dust around, which is expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous. By using on-tool dust extraction and pad, dust can be safely removed from the working surface without it ending up in the air, on your skin, in your lungs or on furniture. 



Mirka Abranet features a net structure instead of a paper backing resulting in extremely efficient on-tool dust removal improving both the work quality and the working environment. 

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Abranet Ace

Mirka Abranet Ace like Abranet is highly efficient and was developed with ceramic grains for tougher and more demanding sanding applications.
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Abranet Ace HD

Durable and tough and ideal for heavy-duty applications, stripping and hard surfaces. It exhibits superior wear and tear, high aggression and productivity.
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Abranet Max

Suited to a broad variety of sanding applications, although specially developed for the wood industry. Suitable for sanding with hydraulic cooling, avoids burning.

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Abranet SIC NS

A multifunctional net abrasive without stearate, developed mainly for glass sanding, but also suitable for sanding of other hard surfaces like primers, clear coats & composites.

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Long lasting

One important advantage of a product based on net-technology, is that it tends to have a longer lifespan than traditional abrasives. Users of Abranet sanding solutions know that this results in cost savings, increasing profitability.


Abranet’s polyamide fabric net structure ensures a sanding particle is never more than 0.5 mm from a dust extraction hole. With on-tool dust extraction from
virtually the entire abrasive surface, sanding grains are able to retain their cutting power and the resulting dust is safely removed.
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Mirka’s total solution provides a more efficient sanding process compared to traditional sanding systems.Yet another advantage of Mirka’s dust-free solution is that Abranet as a product maintains its aggressive properties much longer than traditional sanding materials which leads to a faster process.

Abranet is suitable for many industries


Abranet maximises efficiency and minimises costs when manufacturing cars, lorries, trucks, aeroplanes, trains, boats, wind turbines, aluminium & plastic components. 

Abranet Ace & Abranet Ace HD are suitable for marine applications, improving working conditions, making work safer, faster and more efficient.
Body damage repair work requires flexibility and efficiency, whether the issue is only a small scratch or larger parts that must be sanded, filled, painted and polished. 

Sanding furniture, fittings, windows & doors produces plenty of dust that can contain hazardous particles. It is important to have effective dust extraction.


Abranet products used with Mirka sanders such as Deros,  Leros (for walls and ceilings) and a dust extractor provide a refined finish and a safe dust free environment.


Mirka develops exclusive finishing solutions such as Abranet SIC NS for consumer electronics, powertrain applications, glass refinishing, and roller conditioning. 

Mirka = a dust free workshop

Best Abrasives helps professionals all over Australia experience the amazing benefits of Mirka world-leading abrasives, tools and machinery for the industrial, commercial or home workshop.

Over the past thirty years, Mirka has grown into one of the world's largest producers of coated abrasives.

Today, Mirka offers a wide product range for individual operations and complete sanding systems for specialised applications.

Best Abrasives is proud to offer Mirka products to the Australian market.

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